The Big Hurt

The Big Hurt
or: Where The Shadows Lie

Sorry ‘bout missing last week. I was just too depressed. I kept hoping I’d wake up to find our long national nightmare was over only to be reminded it had, in fact, just begun.

Loosing Mary Tyler Moore and John Hurt this week didn’t help. I have no connection to Ms Moore other than having a huge crush and being a lifelong fan. John and I (like we’re close, personal friends) however, both did time on Bakshi’s Lord of the Rings. Hurt may not have been his generation’s biggest star but, I defy you to name a better actor.

As the forces of darkness amass before us, we could use an Aragorn.

Happy Trails

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Did you ever see John Hurt as the host of Jim Henson's Storyteller. Nice special effects for it's time:


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