Bob’s Yer Uncle

Bob’s Yer Uncle
or: They Broke Bob!

Remember when we were kids? All the big people were: Mr and Mrs, Admiral and Mrs, Mr and Dr Whozisface. But there were some... maybe they went to kindergarten with Mom or served with Dad in the Pacific... there were some that, while not related, were family. Rather than Mr and Mrs, they were Aunt Martha and Uncle Bill, Aunt Betty and Uncle Bob.

That’s the way I thought of  Marvel’s Bullpen growing up. From Aunt Flo to Uncle Steve, these were the crazy Aunts and Uncles that would sneak you away and show you stuff or tell you stories that Mom and Dad never would.

Kids, I have some not so good news. Your Uncle Bob (Bob Wiacek) fell down and went boom. Not all Humpty Dumpty; The kings horses have done a great job. Uncle Bob will draw again (he cried in his best, apocalyptic, movie announcer voice!)

Thing is, he’s now in a bit of a hole. Enough to start a gofundme page. Good news is, he’s hit his goal but, hey, a little padding wouldn’t hurt. If he ever gave you a smile, a scare, a goose (and ya still owe me a chicken dinner, Bob) hit the link and share what you can.

What concerns me now is that, for donations over a certain point, he’s going to provide a sketch. Running some quick math in my head, that’s like... a Gigabajillion sketches. If he’s doing sketches, then he’s not doing: books, pages, covers, commissions... the stuff that makes sure that hole stays filled and paved.

Towards that end, and I’ve talked to Uncle Bob about this, I’m going to tear a chunk of names off his list and do the sketches myself. We haven’t worked out the mechanics... lottery, by character... we’ll keep you posted.

What I haven’t yet talked to Uncle Bob about is, I’ve snookered a couple of buddies in on this, too. Not mentioning names just yet but, buy your cheek insurance now. When the names drop, you’ll grin so wide your face cracks in two.

We love ya Bob. Get well soon and get me my @#$%! dinner.

Happy Trails

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So happy Bob reached his goal, and so fast too! By far, my favorite inner of all time


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