Brothers and Monsters

Brothers and Monsters
or: Standin on the Corner Down at 12th St and Vine

My late brother Willi was basically Scottie from Star Trek. A maritime engineer, if he could lay hands on... it... he could fix it. Nothing he loved more than making things do stuff. Normally this worked out well; Then he’d turn the house into a death trap for Halloween. Things would drop from the ceiling, spring out from the walls, shrieks from nowhere, strobe lighting, he had the whole house triggered.

I’d do what I could to compete because, brothers. Tombstones for the yard, cutouts for the windows. And then there was the pumpkin. Pardon my modesty, I do a mean one. According to one 4 yr old trick-or-treating princess, it was “not your usual pumpkin.”

I’ll guess I’m in a low TPM (treat per mile) area. We just don’t get any monsters out here. So this is as close as I’ll come to carving a pumpkin this year. Happy Boo-Day!

On another note: It’s a good day to be from Kansas City. My Chiefs did themselves proud in London. The Royals wrapped up the World Series on a called third strike! Way to lay down NY. HA, HA!

Happy Trails,

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