Can I Bring My Bike?

Can I Bring My Bike?

or: Is That Thing Housebroken?

Going through family photos for a cousin I stumble across this. Made me laugh. Hope it does the same for you.

This would be 84-85. Around the time I was doing X-Men/Alfa-Flight. Johnny was not my favorite bike and I didn't have him long. Insane power, brutal ride. It bridged the gap between transportation and a transporter. There were a couple of times I had to be… not here… in a hurry! Johnny could flat out warp. Then there's always the rich boy in his Lamborghini wants to show off to his girl at your expense *koff-koff* or so I've heard.

One cool addition though. Note the black box my feet are tucked around. That's a mirror housing (part of a pair) which also contains a stereo speaker. Riding, they were about chin level pointed right at my ears.

Johnny blew up in the end. Irritating but, not much of a loss. Gramps, my brothers ancient CB 750, tided me over till I could grab Lockjaw, my first Beemer. A K100 RT, he was my big brown puppy that took me wherever I wanted to go… until he got smacked out from underneath me… but, that's another story.

Happy Trails,

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