Forcefully Irresistible

Forcefully Irresistible

or: Get Behind Me and Stay There


How 'bout those... CHIEEEEEEFS!


After a first quarter of offensive and special teams incompetence that staggers human understanding, the Mighty Chefs (great googley moogely) begin an unstoppable offensive barrage of such magnitude... Arrowhead Stadium ran out of fireworks!


Next issue brings the Titans Terrible of Tennesee and what may be the true Superbowl. Tennessee has gone from the Cinderella team to the Blues Brothers of the NFL; They're on a mission from god.




Happy Trails


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Justin Washburn's picture

As a Patriots fan, I have to say, this postseason has been an unexpected pleasure so far! I won't root for Kansas City, but that's just to protect you from my bad luck... All of my picks have lost!
Smitty's picture

... just so no one could tell us we had it easy. Facing the team that beat them both is close enough. Our D is much improved but we still struggle against the run. Derrick Henry and the Titans are a return to Martyball. It's like facing the Ghost of Christmas Past.


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