If This Be Treason

If This Be Treason

or: Stupid Is As Stupid Does


I said it here three years ago and I say it again…


Bigot, coward, liar, thief,

Nazi loving Traitor-in-Chief!


Imagine the following scenario: You and I decide to rob a store. You grab the keys, I grab the gun. You drive us to the store. I get out and tell you to stay in the car with the engine running. I go into the store, point the gun and demand money. The store owner shoots me dead.


Someone is guilty of murder.


It’s not me, I’m dead, you can’t charge a corpse. It’s not the store owner, self defense is not a crime. The person guilty of murder is you. You who never left the car, never touched the gun, never made a threat. You are guilty of murder because you willing participated in an activity you knew could end in the death of others.


It’s one thing to mock Tammy Duckworth or John McCain, veterans who sacrificed for our country. It’s something else to demean Ghazala Khan, the mother of a soldier who gave his life through military service. To sit back and willingly do nothing while Russia places bounties on American soldiers? That’s murder.


The White House explanation? The entire White House staff is so stupid, beyond all human understanding, that they are mentally defective and not responsible for their crimes.


Senator Graham is right about one thing. It’s time to pick sides. I pick the Constitution and the country it created. Those that pick Trump choose treason, murder and fascism.



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