Jumpin' Jaguars

Jumpin' Jaguars

or: Unstruck Lightning


Jags over the Chargers? Who saw that coming? Not me but, then again, I didn't watch the game so how much could I have seen.


Was this the Jags coming of age or did the Chargers, once again, just not have the juice to finish a season strongly? Will the Chiefs step up or will they play just well enough to squeak by as they have through much of the season? If they play down to the competition, like they did with the Colts, it could be trouble.


Happy Trails


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The Jags had FIVE turnovers in the first half. Any team with that blemish should lose the game. BUT! The Chargers had no juice in the second half, managing just 3 points (and creating no more turnovers, even though the Jags HAD to throw). As a Chiefs fan, I'd rather play the Jags than the Chargers. Spags will have a gameplan that limits the Jags, and Patrick will get the job done. And don't feel bad, BOTH of these teams lost to the Colts this season. ;) Neener.
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Smitty, the Chargers did what the Chargers always do in the playoffs….fail. I shudder to think of the score if the Jags hadn’t coughed it up like my chain-smoking granny. The Jags QB put on a real Jekyll & Hyde (….or was it Hyde & Jekyll?) performance. I doubt Big Red needs to worry.


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