Lean Times

Lean Times
or: Barbarians and Basketballs

This weeks pull brings up Conan the Barbarian #37. Big John Buscema has picked up the art chores after the departure of Barry Windsor Smith but, here we have a single issue interlude by the Nefarious Neal Adams.

Neal's is more of a "stretch model" compared to others who tended towards a more massive, bull-like build. In the only physical description Robert E. Howard ever wrote, Conan was well over six feet tall and 200 pounds. There's a word for that: lean! He was a giant by height, not by weight. He was six-foot-five in a world where five-foot-six was considered tall. If you want to see six-five, two hundred pounds, do an image search for "Chuck Conners basketball". While it's not much of a movie, "Geronimo" starring Conners has always been my model for Conan.

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