Return to Never Ever Land

Return to Never Ever Land

or: Betcha Never Saw This…

This one came to me from my buddy Nat Gertler. Chateau Sherbrooke, or Sherbrooke Estates, is a Canadian outfit. The owners being comics fans have had a number of labels done by comics pros.

I tried to get them to go colored ink, perhaps on colored paper but, as you'll see at the end, they went B&W. They also changed their name post production as well as the variety. As I recall (teetotaler that I am) MCP was a blend of Merlot- Cabernet Sauvignon - Pinot Noir.

While not crushed (heh, heh, he said crushed) I was rather disappointed in the changes. Gaspar Saladino I'm not but, I was rather proud of my lettering. For hand lettering, I thought it was pretty good.

For completists, the little wizard is a flute and the altimeter is from one of my Dad's old boats: PBY Catalina, maybe a P5M Marlin…

Happy Trails

I found my chair's distributor!!! May have found replacement parts, not sure yet. If not, I have a neighbor with a TIG welder. In the meantime, I slipped a dowel in place of the broken coupler so I can at least sit without falling out the back.

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