Save That Tiger (Shark)

Save That Tiger (Shark)
or: Finny Business

Just when you thought it was safe to turn on cable TV again, Sharknado returns!

They're trying something new this year in the form of actual horror. I'm talkin' some of the most terrifying examples of plastic surgery ever seen... EEK!

What started as a harmless, guilty, pleasure is turning into a dangerous addiction. If you love me, drown me before I watch again.

From the wonderful people who brought you the Sub-Mariner, it's Tiger Shark!

Happy Trails

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Jeffrey Bell's picture

.... and suddenly make him all seem worthwhile? You, good sir. (OK, Tiger Shark ain't exactly "nothing," but he rarely stirs excitement within this jaded breast -- until someone like you comes along and gives that shark some bite!) (LOVE the water!)


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