Show Me the Money

Show Me the Money

or: I’m Black and I’m Proud


While the Black Panther somewhat slipped under my radar, Luke Cage stood out like a bull in a china shop. This was something entirely different. The Panther was polite, cultured, so unwilling to offend he even changed his name to the Black Leopard for a while. Cage was loud, brash and in your face. He wasn’t unconcerned if you knew he was black, he demanded you know he was black. None of the old billionaires boys club for him, he was a working man and he was going to get paid. Heck he once flew all the way to Latveria to literally beat $200 out of Dr Doom. 


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Starting as a comic reader in the late 70s, i cut my teeth on Power Man (along with Shang Chi and Two in One). Until i was ten, i thought all superheroes talked and acted like Luke Cage and Ben Grimm!


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