Web Sleuths Unite!

The image above came to me in an e-Mail from Gerry Turnbull. Gerry says the web identifies it as mine but, he ain't buyin' it. Gerry's got good eyes. Unfortunately, he's right about the web; a number of databases attribute it to me.

This is not to disparage the piece. That's a good cover. The artist in question and I obviously share some influences. Some of the inks in the demon hand are vaguely similar to the strokes I've stolen from my betters. I could imagine a fan seeing this with my name attached and thinking, "mmmmmmmmm… okey."

While far from plagiarism, knowing it's been falsely attributed to me and staying quiet certainly butts up against theft.

It's not mine.

If I was going to put money on it, I'd bet on Gary Kwapisz.

Happy Trails,

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