Yippee Yi Oh Kay Yay!

Like any kid of my generation, I love a good western.

The Kid Colt cover is a faux cover. I forget what line it appeared in but, it was a "house ad." Part of the over running gag this was all off a piece some time ago. Whether they utilized anything from my mock up… who knows.

Turok is from the Valiant Comics run. One of the very few covers I drew but, didn't ink. Bob Layton asked if he could finish it. Bob's one of the best. I know well the feeling of seeing something that I want to play with. If Bob's inspired, give him what he wants and get out of the way.

There's a story to the Kane piece but, I don't know what it is. Kane's cover was never inked. The published cover (All Star Western 122) was by Alex Toth. I see all kinds of Toth in the Kane piece. The girl in the Toth piece is pure Gil… Who knows?

The one piece I couldn't find was "el Lagarto Borracho." Kid Colt steps out of  "the Drunken Lizard" Cantina to deal with a pair of ne'er-do-wells in the street (ay-E-ay-E-ahhh, wa wa wahhhh.) It's out there somewhere. If you have it, drop me a line.

Happy Trails

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