Yodel me this

Yodel me this
or: Heeeeere's Johnny

So, I'm looking for a little background noise last night. I'm not ambitious enough to  load up the CD changer. I surf the TV channel guide and find Tarzan and His Mate, starring  Johnny Weismuller, Mauren O'Sullivan and Commisioner Gordon from TV's Batman, Neil Hamiltion. I haven't seen this since i was a teen.

I'm not really paying attention when the yell of the bull ape reverts me to a six year old child, hairs stand up, goosebumps. Suddenly, Im transfixed and glued to the screen. There will always be a part of me that reels in horror at the part Weismuller is given to play but, credit where it's due, he plays the part he's given well. There's an innocence in him that allows for what would otherwise be some pretty boorish behavior. His reaction to the phonograph is priceless. Do I kill it? Eat it? What do I do with this?

Needless to say Tarzan's had a profound effect on comics in general since the beginning. Some of comics greatest artists have cut their teeth or honed their craft on the Jungle Lord in both strips and comic books many of whom had a serious influence on me: Foster, Manning, Kubert, Buscema…

Presenting John Clayton, Lord Greystoke, son of Kala, Lord of the Jungle, Tarzan of the Apes.

Happy Trails,

P.S. Colours by Gerry Turnbull.
He sent them in an E-mail… and I STOLE 'em!  Bwa hah hah!


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