Does Whatever a Spider Can

Does Whatever a Spider Can
or: the Fork in the Road

I only met Ditko once. We exchanged pleasantries ...and I ran. Williamson, Frazetta, Adams, Kirby, all my heros, I just walked up and said hello. Ditko got sprung on me. I wasn't prepared and terrified of looking the fool (like running away helped with that) I bolted.

My two lasting memories. If I ever need to draw a pharmacist from Dayton, Steve's my guy. When he talks, he makes Ditko hands. All those odd positions are simply the way he gesticulates.

I wrote him years later (omitting the details above) sending him some samples of my work. I don't think I'll get into too much trouble if I say he wrote back. Beyond that I'll just say he was as gracious and encouraging as any kid could ask his hero to be.

Happy Trails,

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This such an amazing piece and while totally different reminds me of the pinup from ASM 3! Thanks for always capturing that Ditko feel Mr. Smith!


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