Slitherin' Sleazeoids

Slitherin' Sleazeoids
or: Back to the Beginning

I'd had a few comics jobs under my belt by the time I got corraled into the world of mutants but the X-men and the Brood is where my career in comics really began. This is a bit of a timeline cheat as we first met the Brood long before Mohawk Storm let alone Ninja Kitty but, who's to say this isn't a new colony. Not me.

Happy Trails

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Rebecca's picture

There's something moth-like about those guys, and I've never liked moths. I hope Lockheed thinks they taste good!
Smitty's picture

I once had one fly into my ear and get stuck. The more it tried to fly out, the deeper in it went. Buzzing in my head about drove me insane. They finally flushed it out with a giant syringe and warm water.


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